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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Xanax anyone?

Well, jury duty is officially over, and basically I just sat around on my ass all day only to finally be called at the end of the day - but then oh wait, never mind case dismissed.

The Little Prince's birthday party is coming up on the 18th. And already little rumblings are starting to occur. I can feel it. It's the OCD fast approaching.

Whenever we're going to have company. And I literally mean anyone over, I go nuts. Everything!Must!Be!In!Order! Like today, a friend had mentioned coming over so that we could take our kids to the pool, but I wasn't sure if she was really going to and so I hadn't vacuumed or swept the floors, so I just met her outside rather than inviting her in when she pulled up. And for this birthday bash? I've already started to formulate my cleaning plan, and ordered a bookcase from Pottery Barn because goddamn, I really need to organize the play area (read: small corner) of our house. Not to mention the nervousness I feel when I look at the area rug in the living room that needs to be cleaned and I have to get a hold of myself not to beg Chouchou to clean it whenever he's home and dammit, who does he think he is to go out to a Wizard's game when there's only 10 days and 17 hours left until our guests arrive?!?!

UGH! Men!


At 12:20 PM, Blogger Staci said...

Oh I'm so with you on this one! I freak out, and I mean FREAK OUT if someone comes to my house unexpectedly and even the smallest thing is out of order. My mother in law used to be classic at the casual drop in...but I must say (and she realized this) that I keep a clean house, and no matter when she's never going to be as dirty as hers! If wanting a clean house is wrong...then we're 2 women gone mad...shoot us now!! LOL


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