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Monday, February 27, 2006

You Love Me Long Time

Umm, yeah. Okay, so this is what always used to happen the one or two times that I would try to keep a real, tangible diary. I get bored. Also, we have now thrown in the factor of the disappearing (from my brain) blogger password and so on and so forth.

But now, I'm back.

I cannot believe that my Little Prince is is almost one year old. He waves bye-bye. He says "ny-ny." He has given us proof that he understands both French and English.

I digress.

Part of my absence was spent thinking up how I could make this site more fun! more exciting! (Conclusion: I have absolutely no idea). With zero technological skills to speak of, I'm kind of at a loss here. I'll plead to let the content speak for itself, who needs all the bells and whistles right?

So, the Little Prince's birthday party will be on the 18th. We have invited close friends and family (though they're too far away) to come for the afternoon. The big question now is, what does one who does not cook, or perform other domestically inclined activities (although clean I do, and do well I must say) do for a party? I have admittedly found a cake that I will attempt to create, but honestly, I'm thinking that the rest of the food will be store bought. And did I mention that the day after his birthday is mine? I guess no one really cares about you turning 28 when your baby turns one. That little bastard gets all the attention.

(The good in me needs to clarify that he is not, in fact, a bastard).


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