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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

We the Jury

Come Thursday, I'll be having me some jury duty.

My two hopes: Either they'll find me completely biased and throw me off the case whereupon I'll have an afternoon completely to myself, or I'll get something EXCITING!! I'm talking world headlines newsworthy. And I'll be sequestered at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, where I am only allowed to eat room service and watch movies (don't worry, no news!). Also, since they'll want my exposure to the outside world to be limited, I'll be appointed spa services in my room. And lastly, because my contact with the outside world will be limited, I will not be allowed to wake up before noon. Sigh.

On another topic, am I the only person who thinks that scary movies are actually scary. I mean, I can internalize the damn things and think about them for days while simultaneously planning various escapes and fight methods. My husband is watching Saw on Showtime right now, and I can only look up for 30 seconds or less before my heart starts beating faster.

Luckily, my Little Prince has learned how to pat my back and can make me feel all better.


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