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Sunday, January 15, 2006

The mysterious, disappearing weekend

Weekends always go too fast. And, now that we have The Little Prince, I really treasure the days when our little family can spend whole days together rather than just a few hours when everyone is home for the evening. So why am I contemplating asking my work for a contract working every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday? Because I would make 3 times more money, that's why. And because then we would only have to pay the nanny for one day. Decisions, decisions. I don't know what to do.

Last night we went for dinner at a friends house. She has a real, adult home. Which sparked the ongoing discussion that Chouchou and I have about the 'burbs vs. the city. Somehow, regardless of the beauty of more than 2 bedrooms! a huge kitchen! a masterbedroom that we could fit our entire 2nd floor on! . . . the city always wins. Because I have to be able to walk places like to the store for more baby food (because no, regardless of the fact that I was very well intentioned, I do not make my own), the neighborhood coffee house (that makes the best chai tea latte - screw you starbucks, caribou coffee, and every other chain I've tried- although I must say that the little Mayorga coffee stand at my work makes a decent one), the park, and so on and so forth. So, we're still here.

Oh, and how could I forget to mention?! The Little Prince is 10 months tomorrow, and all weekend he has been taking steps by himself. I know, I know, complete genius.

He takes after his Papa.


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