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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Mission accomplished

So, I actually did get a lot done today. Call me crazy and OCD, but I have this thing where the house HAS to be IMMACULATE on the days that the nanny comes. Hey, I don't want her to think that we are anything but the coolest, cleanest parents.

Also, I've been keeping up on my new years resolution of increasing physical activity as I have been walking all over NE and SE running errands and whatnot. Today for example we hit Motophoto, CVS, Suntrust, and the park all in one shot. Oh, and please. Let's not forget The Family Dollar store conveniently located a block from my house.

The Family Dollar Store, a place where you can find a little of everything. AND, it even has a security guard to help you feel safe. Every time I'm in that place and waiting (and waiting) in line to check out, I watch the security guard. Because, he is not your average security guard who plants himself at the door. Oh no, he greets people, helps them find things, and is very helpful and friendly. I caught myself actually thinking that I should let his supervisor know what a nice person he is. Then I caught myself thinking "I am a dork."

Now, I am currently less than half watching "The Dukes of Hazard" which my dad sent me as a spoof Christmas gift because I. Was. Obsessed. With. This. Show. Once upon a time. "Just them good 'ole boys." I actually cried when my mom told me that in real life Bo was married (but then he thankfully divorced).

I can specifically remember this yellow nightie that I had that had Bo and Luke Duke on it (and underneath I of course wore my Daisy Duke underpants and completely unnecessary bra type thing that they made for 5 year olds). Then, i would dance around singing "Drinkin' whiskey from a dixie cup. . . ."

5 minutes into this movie I can already state the obvious. . .this is so not the real deal.


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