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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

A letter to the mother&%$!@ who hit my car

warning: this post contains language that is inappropriate for those under 13 even though they probably talk like this all the time because hey, it's cool.

*note: I really do not curse all that much in real life (well, out loud). For no particular reason, I find myself inwardly cringing when I say the F word. After all, as my mom once told me, that is a word to use at work only.

Dear Motherfucker who dented my front left bumper and DID NOT LEAVE A NOTE,

FUCK YOU. I know that it would have been hard to leave a note, and maybe you can't even pay for the damages, but guess what? I don't give a shit because that is the polite, neighborly thing to do.

If I ever find out who you are and see you on the street, I will probably ignore you and then call my husband the second you're out of sight and demand "Why don't you do something?"

I hate you,


In other news, I am weaning my baby. At first, I was excited - he is 10 months old after all. But now, I feel slightly guilty, and hey if he's not getting any food from me, what good will I be? Will he even still need me? Do I want my boobs to go back to the size they once were? (answer: no). Yet, I feel that it is time to start this process so that he is cut off by 12 months which is when I originally said that I would quit. Also, no more pumping at work - yay!

And, that's about all I have for today. We are actually going out for an adult dinner tonight as it is restaurant week. Chouchou (you gotta love the man) suckered one of his friends into babysitting The Little Prince since he will be asleep the whole time.



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